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Product Development

Phase Proposal

Compilation and consideration of the following deliverables is recommended during this phase:

Product scenarios: Alternative product scenarios are compiled to be discussed as options for product development and realization. Goal is to find the best matching scenario for a product realization focus or a feasible product development road map.

Alternatives should be described per component and also for additionally needed relevant interdisciplinary perspectives (customer workflow, vendors, regulatory). Potential opportunities should be identified in relation to the realization focuses set.

Each product scenario should be refined further in a second step to confirm this product opportunity.

A best matching product scenario and/ or a product development & commerzializatio road map can be selected then in reference to the applied product realization focuses.

Automation Road Maps: Automation road maps describe a sequential realization of automation solutions, where features and functions and the level of automation are to be enhanced.

The plan phase steps mandatory require a certain level of R&D effort, offer business opportunities and rely on vendor agreements/ interfaces.  

Customer workflows: customer workflows can be functionally analyzed and compiled in their current set up regarding:
- material flow,
- information flow,
- and sequential execution and dependencies.

Optimizations to improve and simplify a workflow are to be applied in a second step, followed the by a third mapping step, where the functions/ activities/ process steps are assigned to hardware and software components.

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